by de lune déluge

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Recorded to tape by Ross Farbe & Chris George at The Living Room in Algiers. Further Recorded and Mixed by Ross Farbe at The Thermos in New Orleans. Mastered by Carl Saff


released April 22, 2016

Dustin Champagne - bass
Collin Jilbert - drums, percussion
Vanessa Degrassi - vocals, guitars, baritone ukulele, flute, organs, wurlitzer, glockenspiel, slide, singing bowls



all rights reserved


de lune déluge New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: The Day Passed Strange
The day passed strange, there’s no end to touch it down
Have your eyes passed over this town
The mellow morning has spurred the salts to dry
While I dreamt the Michigan clouds drifted
Dripping moonshine lines from the sky

This ribbon of road was the same for our fathers
The fields still unrolled to the lines of the trees
Lonesome voices planted seeds in the soils
You’ve passed this day, you’ve felt the way,
The mind is framed and free

The paint that lines the road begins to burn
Is the heart I own absolved to learn
Shadows cast in pavement, left to rust
Hallowed light upon my head
Sacred limb from which we gather dust

Was the wind in my veins passed along from your breath
When I came to, you looked into my eyes
Are we born with expectation in our hearts
And begin to learn to test the winds that fiercely sets to blow

Splinters of light and twine
Splinters of light entwine
Track Name: Draught
i'll take this long draught of wine
and be good with it,
professing the spirits of the grape.
with open eyes, i dive
into this strange-loop-hole state
tumble and scrape

with clear and cedar eyes, you watched me
i could feel you falling down the stairs.
sequester my impatience
you see me push fertility for decay.
and as the eggplants grew in my garden
i looked away
it's hard to stay

it's not the time
for the ripening
fill the sky with pleas divine
and as the light inside me fades
i lay upon the sea,
i am emptied
Track Name: Sanguine
Keep two little eyes
Focused on the dark inside
And if you fall too far
You'll know that you have raised the bar

Sanguine at the heart
You keep it sheltered;
You keep apart.
Someone with a key
Will open you beautifully

Globe-drops of the moon
Had struck me down, 'til I, confused
Was creeping through corridors
Time leaked through

A bloom will sift into your sight
in the gloaming before night
And I'll lay as still as death
taking it all, all in one breath
And the dark, is a ghost,
is my friend,
It wrapped me close,
and I am not afraid of it.
and I am not afraid of it...
Track Name: Grey Dreams
A palpable precipice, the mouthfeel of words
entertain a taste for a roseful of swords
Grey dream, oh I implore-
Come loose, lax rigid clasp long-moored.
See through the given slight
The eel in the talc won't un-wet his life

Take it from me,
it's not as we see
What's under the sky
is what enters your eye.
Sleeping pine, sea by my side
Fallen away, discord drips as the tide

Soft white,
In grey dreams..
release; enfold; we

Once I woke to snow on the sill
I went outside to keep it company.
Let the gin run through my veins,
ebbing cold into the pain.

I had entered a beauty sublime.
The leaves and trees and me,
frozen in time.
For this, I had prayed,
being home feeling estranged
Track Name: Le Nuit (The Night Came Through)
Crimson creeps over moon
No time has passed; none to start
Sky-shift-break, I fell for you
No time has passed; none to start
Track Name: Sky Saw
In the gentle morning of late summer sun
Teeth piercing nectarine waters down our tongues
Inflamed, the air so thick, we could not see the days ahead
Hazes mark indelible on words we've said

As long as the frightened static walks alone
I'll dream until the end, there the sky never fails

Autumn came and cast its yellow light upon our heads
Fever grew in dusty rhythms wakened in your bones
A burning heart is all I've got to carry me through
Sun-tipped high is gone, we've slept too long in clothes

As long as the frightened static walks alone
I'll dream until the end, there the sky never fails

I'll keep in this place of unrest
You know that I feel it deeper than I mean to

Sky seems clearer, unconceding
As long as underneath eyelids, we'll keep dreaming
Track Name: A Love-Letter in Chartreuse
dear charteuse enola,
you sweet slip of night.
writers drink hungry
and art walks with blight

morning will come,
sweet honeysuckle, coffee, and sun
we'll shake off our darkened crumbs;
dip our hands in

bursts of blossoms, leaves of gold
feel the current, the growth.
follow the vines,
and secrets buried within pines.
follow, fall to me,
and find the lines you're meant to see.
all that i have taken in today, don't let it slip away

the blood-letter comes
love and and leather bound,
it knows what's to be taken or left around
to keep
let something else fall in love with me

and in the end, emptied out,
we lay down our pens, our guitars, our hands, or things we depend
left with threads,
we lay them down and hang them on a cloud
and weave them into rope;
and climb the ladder to the light
and as these threads disintegrate,
we'll lay them down... dipped in gold,

we seek to consume
what for each we thirst
what for each we think is next under some curse
to find that road
the bridge to the other world...
Track Name: St. Smoke & The Honeycomb
soft as smoke
through the doorways i float
in the circle that's our home

follow the kite strings
to the faraway discs of light
let them splash upon our minds

unseen i'm always dreaming of you
i know you must feel it too
i wander in honeycomb
the colors melt; undefined
Track Name: Avail, Nocturne
You scratch at delicate onion skins on your eyes
Keeps the tears from falling outside

There's a box; it's worn away, and pressed in parts
You keep it closed
For all the things you're afraid to feel

The great theatre in my mind won't settle
I pick apart my brain for yours
I extrapolate your personality,
Oh, I'm restless,
I can't stop fanning the flames

I deserve more than I have been served
Tell me why I want to draw blood
In the shapes of stars
Avail, Nocturne!
Track Name: All The Leaves
Will you just look at me
In these hours that I keep
The shawl that wraps around us has worn thin
WIll you just look at me,
And tell me how I see
The dark that has come to bind us
Are we fallen prey,
To the threadbare decay
Limbs stand apart, stout to sky

All the leaves are down from the trees
Autumn days upon us
All the leaves were drawn to their knees
Autumn nights speak softer

Your eyes have followed
Oh, how will this unfold?
Am I afraid to disentangle
The roots from the ground,
Here the earth is unsound
Hours pass along; I wander

Sky still waiting, dripping sun
Lush of the summer come undone
A hollow place in the cleft of the sheets
Where we once came
To slip into sleep
Track Name: Into Colors
I let it all, find it's way to me
but the days all blur together, I found,
I could not separate them out
Into colors,
it's how I think these days
I'm lost without a reason,
a scent has driven me to the sea

I spent a winter
shy amongst the clouds
When your voice dripped down into my ears
Swayed the nerves frayed from a fear
taught me to, swallow deeper breath
But it's harder than I know it should be
The white hot flames leap up so cleanly

Pace the seats, we turn with the leaves
they won't lead us down
See the ways we
watch the colors change in our heads

Clouds sleep upon bones that we open at night
Senses keened, had we forgot to feel alive